Sex abuse in children and how to help them overcome

Child sex abuse is when an adult or older adolescents force a child to have sexual act or activities with them. Child molestation usually includes touch or penetration on their private parts. It also includes exposing the private parts to the child or showing pornography or erotic pictures or indecent sexual conversation with the child.

Persons abusing child

Child abuse is done by older adolescents, step parents, trusted family members or friends or a stranger. Perpetrator should be punished and the child should receive justice as it is necessary to understand the child that there is punishment for bad things and actions. Such understandings will help children. And, being in a safe environment and receiving counseling will develop their self image. 

Effects of sex abuse in children

Many adults remember the incident happened to them even after long years. The incident could be so traumatic to repress the memory. 

Therefore, when your child tries to complain about it, never discourage or neglect thinking they are just imagining things. 

Sex abuse in childhood can develop a distorted self image and the child grows up feeling bad about their body as it has brought a lot of pain to them.
They may feel like bad persons if their complaints cause conflicts in the family.
Low self image will extend to decrease self esteem and they start to have no genuine concept about being a human being.
Low self image and esteem can lead to self harming behaviors. They are more likely to engage in sluttish lifestyle.
Things to do
You have to make your child feel that it was not his/her fault. Help them learn to like and respect their body and also start appreciating them for good things. It is true that memories and pain will not disappear soon but you can help them replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Children at foster care organizations should be educated about good and bad touches and also teach to determine boundaries for relationships. 

Be open to your children and encourage them to talk about things happened in a day at the school. Don’t hesitate to discuss them about sex rather than shooting them away. If your child tries to complaint about an inappropriate behavior happened to them, give ear to them. If you don’t know how to deal with sex abuse issues, then contact an experienced counselor to handle the problem. 

Look for a renowned royal commission institute for sexual abuse and receive adequate assistance for your child. Timely assistance can help children to get away from the after effects of child sex abuse and live a normal life.